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Starting a reading challenge with my 10 yr old.

Good afternoon book nerds.

So over the weekend as I was enjoying some reading time my 10 yr old says mom can I sit with you and read. Now of course I’m gonna say yes. But there’s a back story. She had speech difficulties as a baby which in turn lead to find out she has a learning disability. Its not severe by any means it’s just that it takes her a little longer to understand and catch on to things. This cause her to have difficulties with reading and she hated anythi g to do with reading. But her school is really good about giving the help needed and she has caught up to her grade level and is starting to love reading.

So I said to her hey how about every night we sit together and see how many pages we can read in an hour. I also explained to her its not a contest. And I don’t want her to try to speed read of skim.. Its about wanting to read and understanding the story we are reading. And at the end of the hour you can tell me about what you read. She turned to me and said it’s kinda like the 15 mins reading we do for school.

I said yeah but just a little longer. She loved the idea. So for every night I’m not working evenings and on weekends we are going to spend time reading together.

My question to you my Book nerds, if you are a parent do you find fun ways for your kids to read.

And if you don’t have kids but love to read do you set challenges for yourself.

Ok now let’s get this conversation started.

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