The Mortal Instrument books VS The TV Series

First let me say hello to everyone,

i have been gone for a minute but i promise that i have a very good reason, besides the obvious of being a mom and all the things that go along with it, i have been dealing with some back issues so i have not really been reading much. just kinda taking it easy.

Okay so now that i have that out of the way, lets get on to the reason for this post. I have recently within this year read the first three books in the TMI series. I do own the whole series but kinda took a break because i was feeling overwhelmed with the story.

but since i have been basically taking it easy i decided to watch the TV show on demand. At first i didn’t want to watch the show until i finished the series, but my curiosity got the best of me so i marathon watched all the episodes in 4 hours. and you know what I’m on the fence about it. what do i mean by that, well i like it but there are things about it that i think they could have done better with, for example some of the acting is just ok..

i do not know any of the actors or  have heard of them, i feel like this is their first big gig and that they are trying to hard.. so  there are times when things could be better within the show. i dont feel like there is chemistry there between them. they didn’t draw me in. I will say thought that the last episode was like wow.

Also the way that they changed the story line a little bit left me confused. i was thinking ok did i miss something in the book. i mean i know that its not going to be exactly the same but they kinda changed events around. an example the thing with Lilith.. that whole thing left me confused. i actually started reading the 4th book just to make sure that there wasnt something in the show from that book that i didn’t know about.

So my Opinion, between the two.. i like both the book and the TV adaption but i think that the show could be better.. i will continue to watch just to see where they take it, but as of right now im not excited about the show.

ok so now its your turn, what are your thoughts between the two?




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