My TBR list

Good evening book lovers..

the topic of tonight post is to be read list… i have alot of books, some that I forgot that I owned. See the thing is that i dont have a specific list just a bunch of books that i pile on the nightstand/drawer next to my bed. too many books

so just to name the ones that are sitting in a pile next to my bed..

The Beautiful and the Damned By: F Scott Fitzgerald

To Kill A Mockingbird by:Harper Lee

Walking with Purpose, seven priorities that make life work by Lisa Brennink Meyer

The Museum of extraordinary things By; Alice Hoffman

The Valley of Amazement By; Amy Tan.

As you can see i have quite an assortment of books, and this is just a dent in the books that i have.. when i was younger and not a mom and not a wife, ok so my teens and early 20’s i never had a tbr list, i went threw books like water, every week i read like 2. now it takes me at least a week to make a dent in one.. well except for the first two books in the lunar chronicles, I stayed up way past my normal bedtime to finish those two.. but anyway that’s another story..

now its time for me to put the question to you.. What is currently on your TBR list?

Talk to you soon and remember Reading is Sexy!!



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